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Table 3 Subtype-specific methylation profiles in univariate analysis

From: DNA methylation epigenotypes in breast cancer molecular subtypes

Tumor subtype Related genesa
Basal-like JAK3(-), NPY(-), RASSF1(-), SPARC(-), DBC1(-), FGF2(-), HS3ST2(-), PRKCDBP(-), TNFRS10D(-), and VAMP8(+)
HER2 overexpressing NPY(+), DBC1(+), FGF2(+), RASSF1(+), HS3ST2(+), SOX17(+), and TNFRS10D(+)
Luminal A SOX1(-), SOX17(-), and VAMP8(+)
  1. aRelated genes in univariate logistic regression analysis at 0.05 significance level. (+), positively, and (-) negatively related.