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Figure 3

From: Experimental assessment of pro-lymphangiogenic growth factors in the treatment of post-surgical lymphedema following lymphadenectomy

Figure 3

Growth factors released from HAMC possess the ability to stimulate lymphatic endothelial cells. Purified bovine lymphatic endothelial cells (LECs) were stimulated with conditioned media from HAMC alone or HAMC infused with ANG-2 and VEGF-C. As controls, cultures were also treated with VEGF-C156S (200 ng/ml) and ANG-2 (800 ng/ml). Immunoprecipitated (a) Tie-2 or (b) VEGFR-3 activation was assessed by phosphotyrosine (pTyr). Cultures treated with growth factor release media displayed increases in receptor phosphorylation levels in comparison to negative controls (unstimulated and HAMC alone). Blots were stripped and reprobed to confirm similar receptor levels across treatment groups. n = 2. Molecular weights of each receptor are indicated.

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