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Table 3 Genes differentially expressed according to mammographic density in cancer samples

From: Expression levels of uridine 5'-diphospho-glucuronosyltransferase genes in breast tissue from healthy women are associated with mammographic density

Agilent ID Gene name FDR (%)
A_32_P171923 730402 0.00
A_32_P480177 TNN 0.00
A_23_P200298 AGL 0.00
A_24_P87036 TMEM16A 0.00
A_23_P312150 EDN2 14.87
A_23_P83388 EPPK1 14.87
A_32_P60065 F2RL2 19.82
A_32_P158272 MRNA 19.82
A_23_P105012 HRASLS2 19.82
  1. FDR, false discovery rate.