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Figure 3

From: Hes-6, an inhibitor of Hes-1, is regulated by 17β-estradiol and promotes breast cancer cell proliferation

Figure 3

Hes-6 expression increases the growth of T47D xenografts. (a) Tumor weight (a-1) and volume (a-2) of T47D-control (bars 1, 3) (n = 4 and 5, respectively) and T47D-Hes-6 xenografts (bars 2 and 4) (n = 3 and 4, respectively) in SCID/beige mice measured after 7 (bars 1, 2) and 14 days (bars 3, 4). Data are presented as mean ± SD. Relative Hes-6 (b) and E2F-1 mRNA-levels (c) in T47D-mock (bar 1) xenografts (set as 100%) and T47D-Hes-6 xenografts (bar 2). Data are presented as mean values of eight (bar 1) and six (bar 2) samples ± SD: (d) Representative pictures of T47D-Hes-6 xenografts (upper lane) or T47D-mock xenografts (lower lone) grown for 1 week. (e) Number of Ki67-positive cells per visual field (20× objective) in control xenografts (bar 1) and Hes-6-expressing xenografts (bar 2). Data are presented as means of eight xenografts per bar. Significance is presented as *P < 0.05; **P < 0.005; and ***P < 0.001. Nonsignificant differences are presented as NS.

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