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Figure 4

From: A selective eradication of human nonhereditary breast cancer cells by phenanthridine-derived polyADP-ribose polymerase inhibitors

Figure 4

PJ-34 did not eradicate normal human epithelial cells MCF-10A. (a) MCF-10A cells were seeded (about 500,000/well) in six-well plates (Methods). PJ-34 was applied once at the indicated concentrations to MCF-10A cells 24 hours after seeding. Untreated MCF-10A cells and MCF-10 cells incubated with 10, 20, and 30 μM PJ-34 for 72 hours, and MCF-10A cells incubated with 10 μM PJ-34 for 2 weeks, were pictured under a microscope. These representative results were observed in three different experiments. (b) MCF-10A cells overcame G2/M arrest induced by treatment with PJ-34 (10 μM). Cells were analyzed with flow cytometry at the indicated periods after addition of 10 μM PJ-34. G2/M arrest detected 6 hours after PJ-34 application was relieved after 18 hours. Control represents untreated MCF-10A cells 72 hours after seeding. Similar results were measured in three different experiments.

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