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Archived Comments for: Underarm antiperspirants/deodorants and breast cancer

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  1. No proven correlation

    Dene Godfrey, S. Black Ltd.

    18 February 2010

    The review states:

    "Any increase in the disproportionality of breast cancer in the upper outer quadrant would be inconsistent with an explanation relating to the greater amount of target epithelial tissue in that region but does parallel the increasing use of cosmetics in the underarm area [2-5]."

    All four references are to studies/reviews by this author and do not appear to be directly related to any market information on the increase in use of underarm products. There does not, therefore, appear to be any tangible evidence to support the author's assertion that there is specifically a parallel increase in both use of underarm products and cancer in the upper outer quadrant. Unless specific market information is quoted on any increase in underarm product volumes used, this statement remains purely speculative and, therefore, any correlation, parallel or otherwise, should surely not be claimed.

    Competing interests

    S. Black distribute parabens and most other preservatives permitted within the European Union. Any potential bias is mitigated by the fact that the company offers many alternatives to parabens.