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Volume 2 Supplement 2

Symposium Mammographicum 2000

Open Access

Who does what? Comments from radiographers

  • SJ Cush1
Breast Cancer Research20002(Suppl 2):A39

Published: 1 October 2000


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The increasing pressures on the National Breast Screening Programme due to population increases, the post-war baby boom as well as the increasing complexity of assessment procedures, gives us the opportunity to debate "who does what in the NHSBSP".

Already radiographers have expanded their skills by taking on roles that have previously been the domain of a radiologist. Reading screening films and undertaking ultrasound and more specialised investigations are being considered as an expansion of a radiographer's role in breast screening. For many radiographers this is an exciting opportunity.

If more radiographers are required where do we get them from? How can we ensure that the Breast Screening Programme continues to deliver a high quality service in the future?

Authors’ Affiliations

Breast Screening Unit, St Margaret's Hospital, Epping, UK


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