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Table 1 Antibody characterization, dilutions and positive controls

From: Immunohistochemical characterization of subtypes of male breast carcinoma

Antigen Vendors Species (clone) Dilution Positive control
ER Novocastra Lab Ltd. Newcastle, UK Mouse IgG1 (6F11) 1:50 Breast
PR NeoMarkers Inc. Fremont, CA, USA Mouse IgG1 (1A6) 1:30 Breast
HER2 NeoMarkers Inc. Fremont, CA, USA Mouse IgG1 (e2-4001) 1:100 Breast carcinoma
CK 5/6 Deko Inc, Carpinteria, CA, USA Mouse IgG1 kappa (D5/16 B4) 1:100 Skin
EGFR Zymed Lab Inc. San Francisco, CA, USA Mouse IgG1 (31G7) 1:50 Squamous cell carcinoma
NF-κB p56 Abcam Inc. Cambridge, MA, USA Rabbit polyclonal IgG 1:80 Large B cell lymphoma
  1. CK = cytokeratin; EGFR = epidermal growth factor receptor; ER = estrogen receptor; HER2 = human epidermal growth factor receptor 2; NF-κB = nuclear factor-κB; PR = progesterone receptor.