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Table 1 Immunohistochemical antibodies used to characterize the luminal cases

From: Association of GATA3, P53, Ki67 status and vascular peritumoral invasion are strongly prognostic in luminal breast cancer

Protein (Clone) Antibody Origin Clone Pre-treatment Dilution Location of staining Normal
Androgen receptor
mmb Dako 4AR441 PH9
Target retrieval solution
(98°C, 40 min)
1/50° nucleus +
BCL2 mmb Dako 124 Citrate* 1/100° cytoplasm +
mmb Labvision SP4 EDTA* prediluted nucleus +
ERBB2 mmb Dako
Herceptest Ltd
AO485 Target retrieval * 1/500 membrane -
Estrogen receptor (ER) mmb Novocastra laboratories Ltd 6F11.2 Target retrieval * 1/60 nucleus +
FOXA1 mmb AbNova 2D7 Citrate* 1/250 nucleus +
GATA3 mmb Santacruz HG3-31 Citrate* 1/100° nucleus +
P53 mmb Beckmann DO-1 Citrate* 1/4 nucleus -
receptor (PR)
mmb Dako PFR 636 Target retrival * 1/80 nucleus +
Ki67 mmb Dako KI-67 Target retrieval solution * 1/100 nuclear +
  1. + = positive expression, - = negative expression.
  2. The asterisk symbols mean that it is a buffer solution.