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Table 1 Summary of CGH BAC array and multiplexed microsatellite PCR length changes in the MINO precancer tissue and paired invasive carcinoma

From: Mammary carcinoma behavior is programmed in the precancer stem cell

Line designation/G0 generation # Generation G0 Generation G0+1
   MINO Paired tumor MINO Paired tumor
Line A CGH whole chromosome +ch13WC Same → Same → Same +ch11WC
   G0 = 12th CGH locus changes +ch5BAC1 Same → Same +ch5BAC2 → Same
  MS    d5–95; d7–253 → Same +d6–123; d9–90
   (Replicate animal) CGH whole chromosome    Same Same +ch11WC
  CGH locus changes    Normal Normal
Line D CGH Normal Normal   
   G0 = 12th MS d1–24; d2–149; d4–178; d12–109; d12–182; d14–170 → Same less d1–24; plus d7–165   
Line 11 CGH whole chromosome Normal Normal   
   G0 = 11th CGH locus changes Normal +ch5distalG1:G3 (17 BACs); +ch11BACs3–5   
  MS d2–149; d4–166; d5–113; d8–205; d11–61; d16–131; d18–19 → Same less d2–149; plus d9–182   
Line B CGH +ch1WC, +ch2WC, +10WC, +11WC, → Same less +ch11WC, plus +ch15WC   
   G0 = 14th   +ch3BAC6, +ch17BAC7 → Same plus +ch5BAC1, +ch5BAC2, del ch7BAC8, del ch8BAC9, del ch10BAC10   
  MS d6–138, d8–93, d8–120, d10–14, d11–61 → Same +d17–93   
Line 4 CGH whole chromosomes +ch1WC +ch2WC +ch2WC → Same
   G0 = 13th CGH locus changes +ch5BAC1, +ch6BAC11 → Same less ch6BAC11 Normal del-ch2BAC12, del-ch6BACBAC13, del-ch18BAC14, del-ch18BAC15
  MS    d1–102, d2–149, d12–109, d12–182, d12-nds, d15–175, d3–57 → Same less d2–149
Line 6 CGH whole chromosome Normal Normal +ch1WC → Same
   G0 = 11th CGH locus changes Normal Normal +distal ch5G1:G3 (18 BACs), +ch3BAC2 → Same
   (Replicate animal) CGH whole chromosome Normal Normal   
  CGH locus changes Normal Normal   
  1. The initial serial transplant generation (G0) tested is given for each line, and, for several lines, a successive generation (G0+1) was tested. Replicate animals transplanted at the same time from the same donor (previous generation) were also tested. The changes from normal are listed as comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) detected whole chromosome (WC) gains (+ch#), CGH focal locus amplifications (+) and deletions (del). The bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) clones are numbered as follows: BAC1 = RP23 422O10; BAC2 = RP23 93M18; BAC3 = RP23 276J22; BAC4 = RP23 295O13; BAC5 = P1–7858; BAC6 = RP23 233B21; BAC7 = RP23 193I17; BAC8 = RP23 413L18; BAC9 = RP23 23D17; BAC10 = RP23 421E11; BAC11 = RP23 127M17; BAC12 = RP23 129L11; BAC13 = RP23 393H9; BAC14 = RP23 27B11; and BAC15 = RP23 35M16. Most of the BACs are from Roswell Park (RP) 23 collection. Also shown are microsatellite (MS) changes compared with normal control (MSs were not tested for line 6). Specifics of MS changes are available in Additional file 2. The arrows indicate comparisons with samples either from a previous generation or from the MINO preceding the invasive cancer () or from a different transplant in the same generation listed in rows above (). MINO, mammary intraepithelial neoplasia outgrowth.