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Volume 10 Supplement 3

Symposium Mammographicum 2008

Interval cancer data collection within the South West Quality Assurance Reference Centre

Interval cancers are an important measure of screening quality and, although they are an expected and inevitable part of any cancer screening process, their numbers should be kept as low as possible. Interval breast cancer cases may be identified from a number of sources, including symptomatic clinics, pathology laboratories and cancer registries.

The South West Quality Assurance Reference Centre (QARC) has developed a database to assist in the collection and validation of interval cancer data. The database has been developed collaboratively with the South West Cancer Registry, which sits within the South West Public Health Organisation (SWPHO). Service-level agreements are in place between the QARC and the nine Trusts hosting the Breast Screening Units and with the SWPHO.

The present poster details the information flows between the breast screening units in the South West, QARC and the SWPHO by comparing and contrasting viable data items. The system not only identifies potential interval cancers but will also aid validation and verification of cancer data held by the SWPHO. Validated data will be fed back to the screening units.

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Kutt, E., Johnson, F. & Harker, D. Interval cancer data collection within the South West Quality Assurance Reference Centre. Breast Cancer Res 10 (Suppl 3), P48 (2008).

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