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Table 1 Search terms used in systematic review

From: Intrauterine environments and breast cancer risk: meta-analysis and systematic review

Subject Search term
Breast neoplasm Breast neoplasms, subsequent breast neoplasm, breast neoplasm and daughter
Birth weight Cirth weight, birthweight, birth size
Birth order Birth order, birth rank
Maternal age Maternal age, mother's age, parental age
Gestational age Gestational age, preterm, prematurity, abruption placenta, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia
Twinship Twin, twining, multiple births, multiple pregnancy, monozygote twin, dizygote twin,
Parental smoking Maternal smoking, mother's smoking, paternal smoking, father's smoking, parental smoking
Others Prenatal factors, perinatal factors, intrauterine environment, intrauterine factor, In-utero exposure