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Partial breast irradiation with an electron beam for patients submitted to conservative surgery

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To evaluate the feasibility, acute complications and cosmetic results of partial breast cancer radiotherapy in initial tumors, with an electron beam, in patients submitted to conservative surgery and sentinel lymph-node dissection.


From 2005 to 2007 we evaluated 40 patients, median age 63 years, with T1–T2 (maximum 3 cm) breast cancer, clinically N0 axilla, submitted to conservative surgery and intraoperative radiotherapy with an electron beam.


Of 40 patients, we had 73% T1 and 27% T2; 82% N0, 8% N1micro, and 10% N1. As for acute complications we had 2% infection and 5% fat necrosis. Regarding cosmetic results, 85% were good and excellent, 10% were fair and 5% were bad.


This is a quite feasible method for partial breast irradiation, with satisfactory results in terms of acute complications and cosmetic results. For local control and late complications we still have to wait longer and wait for the reports of the open trials. It also should be emphasized that these patients should be treated only in a study protocol.

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