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Table 3 Cox proportional hazards analysis for predictors of overall survival: effects of tumour grade, size, lymph node stage, oestrogen receptor status and FGFR1 amplification

From: FGFR1 amplification in breast carcinomas: a chromogenic in situhybridisation analysis

Variable Hazard ratio 95% confidence interval P value
Gradea 2.13 1.32–3.44 0.002
Tumour size ≥1.5 cmb 2.17 1.06–4.44 0.034
Positive lymph node stage 3.52 2.17–5.72 <0.001
Positive oestrogen receptor status 0.44 0.26–0.74 0.002
FGFR1 amplification 2.00 1.02–3.92 0.043
  1. aFitted as a linear term; that is, an increase in risk for change in grade of one unit.
  2. bCompared with tumour size <1.5 cm.