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Table 4 Previous illnesses and conditions for which women are now being treated in 121 000 respondents to the Million Women Study

From: The Million Women Study: design and characteristics of the study population

Characteristic Percentage
Women with a history of:  
   Hypertension, when pregnant 23.7
   Hypertension, when not pregnant 22.0
   Blood clot in leg 4.5
   Heart disease 3.8
   Diabetes mellitus 2.7
   Stroke 1.0
Women currently being treated for:  
   Hypertension 14.9
   Depression/anxiety 9.5
   Asthma 7.1
   Thyroid disease 5.9
   Heart disease 2.6
   Diabetes mellitus 2.5
Women with previous operations:  
   Hysterectomy 25.1
   Tubal ligation 19.2
   Bilateral oophorectomy 7.4