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Volume 8 Supplement 1

Symposium Mammographicum 2006

Open Access

Women's satisfaction with clinical nurse specialists at assessment clinics within the West Midlands Breast Screening Programme

  • J Chapman1,
  • E O'Sullivan1,
  • O Kearins1 and
  • G Lawrence1
Breast Cancer Research20068(Suppl 1):P44

Published: 10 July 2006


Cancer ResearchAssessment ClinicAssessment ProcessScreen ProgrammeContact Detail

Due to lack of specific guidance as to how clinical nurse specialist (CNS) standards should be monitored, the West Midlands Breast Screening QA Reference Centre together with a CNS working party developed a tool to assess the role of the CNS in assessment clinics within the region. The audit was designed to determine a woman's satisfaction with the service offered by CNSs.

Survey forms were issued to all women attending a breast screening assessment clinic during March 2005, irrespective of whether or not they met with a CNS. An overall response rate of 62% was achieved. Ninety-two per cent of women had contact with a CNS at some point during the assessment process. Of these, 99% found it to be a valuable experience. Only three women felt that talking to a CNS was of no benefit to them. Sixty-five per cent had the CNS contact details provided prior to attending the assessment clinic, and 61% were given contact details for a CNS on the day of their assessment for follow up discussions.

Five per cent stated that discussions with the CNS were not held in a private room. It would appear that women found written information easier to understand (85%) than verbal (53%).

Service-specific comments and suggestions have been fed back to assist in service improvement. The audit will be repeated in 2006.

Authors’ Affiliations

West Midlands Cancer Intelligence Unit, Birmingham, UK


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