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Table 4 Estimated frequencies of predicted haplotypes

From: Germline polymorphisms in SIPA1are associated with metastasis and other indicators of poor prognosis in breast cancer

Haplotype -313G>A (rs931127) 545C>T (rs3741378) 2760G>A (rs746429) Estimated frequency (%)
1 G C G 42.1
2 A C G 8.0
3 A C A 34. 6
4 A T G 13. 5
5a G C A 0.9
5a G T G 0.5
5a A T A 0.3
  1. Haplotypes frequencies were estimated from the 260 samples with complete genotype data on all three polymorphisms. aHaplotypes with an estimated frequency below 1% were pooled for the purposes of analysis.