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Figure 1

From: Key stages in mammary gland development: The cues that regulate ductal branching morphogenesis

Figure 1

Nuclear-stained wholemounts illustrating ductal branching morphogenesis of the abdominal (no. 4) mammary gland. (a) Embryonic day 18.5; (b) age 3 weeks; (c) age 4.5 weeks; (d) age 11 weeks. Ductal penetration into the mammary fat pad can be judged with respect to the nipple and/or main lactiferous duct (arrowhead), central lymph node (LN), distal LN (as seen in (d)) and fat pad margins. Terminal end buds are readily apparent in the growing 4.5-week gland, and short tertiary branches are apparent in the mature 11-week gland. Scale bars, 0.5 mm (a) and 1 mm (b–d).

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