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Table 5 Prognostic significance of factors for overall survival, disease free survival, and distant disease free survival

From: Prognostic relevance of disseminated tumor cells in the bone marrow and biological factors of 265 primary breast carcinomas

  BM HER2 HER2F Top IIa Ki 67 p53
OS 0.03 0.33a 0.22a 0.52 0.26 0.98
DFS 0.36 0.03 0.03 0.58 0.04a 0.23
DDFS 0.09 0.06a 0.05a 0.49 0.09a 0.22
  1. aSignificance in the subgroup of patients without adjuvant therapy (n = 138). BM, bone marrow; DDFS, distant disease free survival; DFS, disease free survival; HER2, human epithelial growth factor receptor 2; HER2F, HER2 FISH, OS, overall survival; Top IIa, topoisomerase IIα.