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Table 1 Accumulation of copper by MCF10AT1K.cl2 cells

From: Clioquinol and pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate complex with copper to form proteasome inhibitors and apoptosis inducers in human breast cancer cells

Cell line No. of cells in sample Total copper (μg) Copper per cell
KCL2 5,725,000 ND (1.75 × 10-8)a
KCL2-Cu25 1,468,750 0.4 2.72 × 10-7
  1. aThis is theoretical content assuming no more than 0.1 μg total copper, which is the minimal detection limit. Because cells grown in media without copper enrichment had no detectable copper, the number reported is the highest possible content per cell based on the minimum detection. ND, not detected.