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Table 1 Correlation between P-Akt and HER-2 proteins in primary breast tumours

From: Celecoxib analogues disrupt Akt signaling, which is commonly activated in primary breast tumours

  Negative (P-Akt 0,1) Positive (P-Akt 2,3) Total
Negative (HER2 0,1; counted/expected) 111/100.2 130/140.8 241
Positive (HER2 2,3; counted/expected) 32/42.8 71/60.2 103
Total 143 201 344
  1. A total of 344 invasive ductal carcinomas were examined for expression of phospharylated Akt (P-Akt) and human epidermal growth factor receptor (HER)-2. A binary scoring system (0,1 versus 2,3) was used to compare staining between samples. Patients who overexpressed HER-2 were more likely to express P-Akt also. Statistical analysis was derived through the χ2 test (P < 0.01).