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VI Madrid Breast Cancer Conference: Changes in the treatment of breast cancer

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Simultaneous breast reconstruction

  • F Gómez Bravo1
Breast Cancer Research20057(Suppl 1):S13


Published: 27 May 2005

The timing of breast reconstruction following mastectomy has been an area of controversy. Simultaneous or immediate breast reconstruction (IBR) allows the patient to adjust to the loss of a breast by restoring her body image. It also reduces the surgical stages involved and provides an enhanced aesthetic outcome when combined with skin sparing mastectomy techniques. Still, IBR has not been widely accepted due to concerns about interference with locoregional recurrence control, possible delay in adjuvant chemotherapy application and technical difficulties in postmastectomy radiation therapy delivery.

During this presentation a clinical case discussion will serve as the introduction to a thorough literature review regarding the oncological safety and convenience of IBR both for partial mastectomy defects after breast conservation surgery as well as for skin sparing mastectomies. Special attention will be given to the main factors involved in the decision making process, including type, stage, and location of the tumour, the necessity for adjuvant therapy, and the techniques used for breast reconstruction.

All cases should be individually discussed in a multidisciplinary breast team including pathologists, radiologists, oncologic breast surgeons, reconstructive plastic surgeons, and medical and radiation oncologists, with active participation of the patient.

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Clinica Ruber, Madrid and Erasmus University Medical Center


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