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Biology of the Mammary Gland


Established in 1995 and maintained by The Laboratory of Genetics and Physiology and the Scientific Computing Resource Center in the NIH, Bethesda, USA. This website serves as a forum to integrate all aspects of mammary gland biology, and promotes collaboration, exchange of information and resources within this community.


Content includes a series of mini-reviews of different areas of mammary gland biology written by well respected members of the field on topics such as development, function, tumorigenesis and gene expression. This site also includes detailed information on experimental models and various tools and technologies – such as histological and molecular techniques, an interactive histology atlas, CD ROM lectures and unpublished data and images. The site also acts as a gateway to the Mammary Gene Anatomy Project website, which is dedicated to the discovery and understanding of genes and signalling pathways that operate during normal development and neoplastic transformation of the breast. A message bulletin board allows researchers from all over the world to communicate. Well organised, and as a result simple to navigate, with an easy to use site map and full searchability. Contains a comprehensive list of relevant external links to related websites and conferences.


New information is added frequently although the homepage does not indicate the last update.


Although a substantial amount of the information contained in the site is derived directly from the activities of the Laboratory of Genetics and Physiology, many other contributions can be found from other members of the community. This site provides a good resource for investigators in the field and is enhanced by many nice touches such as clickable graphics on the homepage and a photo album from the Gordon Research Conference in June 1999.


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