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  1. Estrogen receptors are members of the nuclear receptor steroid family that exhibit specific structural features, ligand-binding domain sequence identity and dimeric interactions, that single them out. The crys...

    Authors: Marc Ruff, Monique Gangloff, Jean Marie Wurtz and Dino Moras
    Citation: Breast Cancer Research 2000 2:353
  2. Numerous models have been developed to address key elements in the biology of breast cancer development and progression. No model is ideal, but the most useful are those that reflect the natural history and hi...

    Authors: Gloria H Heppner, Fred R Miller and PV Malathy Shekhar
    Citation: Breast Cancer Research 2000 2:331
  3. An association between protein glycosylation and tumorigenesis has been recognized for over 10 years. Associations linking the importance of glycosylation events to tumor biology, especially the progression to...

    Authors: Christine Couldrey and Jeffrey E Green
    Citation: Breast Cancer Research 2000 2:321

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