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Table 3 List of Top 20 differential expression of immune transcripts in 1E4 versus autochthonous model

From: Comparing syngeneic and autochthonous models of breast cancer to identify tumor immune components that correlate with response to immunotherapy in breast cancer

Transcript Gene Sets Probe ID Log2 fold change P-value
Glycam1-mRNA Adhesion NM_008134.2:124 -9.09 1.34E-07
Itgb4-mRNA Adhesion, CD molecules NM_001005608.2:3355 1.73 2.23E-07
Birc5-mRNA Apoptosis, Cell Cycle, Cytokines & Receptors NM_009689.2:237 1.43 2.83E-07
Saa1-mRNA Adhesion, Cytokines & Receptors, Innate, Macrophage Functions NM_009117.3:351 -3.13 5.19E-07
Il6ra-mRNA CD molecules, Chemokines & Receptors, Cytokines & Receptors, Interleukins NM_010559.2:2825 -1.61 5.86E-07
Hif1a-mRNA Apoptosis, Cancer Progression NM_010431.2:1294 0.53 1.12E-06
Tnfrsf10b-mRNA Apoptosis, CD molecules, TNF Superfamily NM_020275.3:1625 0.93 1.40E-06
C4b-mRNA Complement Pathway, Humoral, Inflammation, Innate NM_009780.2:491 -2.51 6.68E-06
Il1rap-mRNA Cytokines & Receptors, Inflammation, Innate, Interleukins NM_008364.2:2415 0.84 7.95E-06
Cd200-mRNA CD molecules NM_010818.3:686 1.19 8.63E-06
Casp1-mRNA Cytokines & Receptors, Innate, Interleukins, Microglial Functions NM_009807.2:259 1.13 1.76E-05
Gpi1-mRNA Apoptosis, Cytokines & Receptors, Humoral NM_008155.4:1540 0.53 2.43E-05
Mif-mRNA B-Cell Functions, Cytokines & Receptors, Inflammation, Innate, Transporter Functions NM_010798.2:373 0.62 2.84E-05
Vegfa-mRNA Apoptosis, Cytokines & Receptors, Macrophage Functions, T-Cell Functions NM_001025250.3:3015 1.78 2.85E-05
Kit-mRNA CD molecules, Cytokines & Receptors NM_001122733.1:4275 1.06 3.52E-05
Tank-mRNA Basic Cell Functions, Innate NM_011529.1:491 0.35 4.55E-05
Lcp1-mRNA T-Cell Functions, Transporter Functions NM_001247984.1:3344 -0.59 5.19E-05
Bax-mRNA Apoptosis, Transporter Functions NM_007527.3:735 0.49 6.44E-05
Atm-mRNA Apoptosis, B-Cell Functions, Cell Cycle, Senescence NM_007499.2:5543 -0.62 7.50E-05
App-mRNA Apoptosis, Cell Cycle, Innate, Transporter Functions NM_007471.2:511 0.64 8.04E-05