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Table 2 List of Top 20 differential expression of immune transcripts in 1E5 versus autochthonous model

From: Comparing syngeneic and autochthonous models of breast cancer to identify tumor immune components that correlate with response to immunotherapy in breast cancer

Transcript Gene Sets Probe ID Log2 fold change P-value
Birc5-mRNA Apoptosis, Cell Cycle, Cytokines & Receptors NM_009689.2:237 1.67 3.78E-08
Hif1a-mRNA Apoptosis, Cancer Progression NM_010431.2:1294 0.653 7.39E-08
Runx1-mRNA   NM_001111021.1:3055 -1.36 1.32E-07
Psma2-mRNA Cancer Progression NM_008944.2:136 0.22 4.69E-07
Ltbr-mRNA Apoptosis, TNF Superfamily NM_010736.3:1962 0.30 2.77E-06
Tfe3-mRNA Humoral NM_172472.3:2715 -0.56 3.63E-06
Tfrc-mRNA CD molecules, Transporter Functions NM_011638.3:1930 0.91 6.57E-06
Saa1-mRNA Adhesion, Cytokines & Receptors, Innate, Macrophage Functions NM_009117.3:351 -2.45 8.98E-06
Bax1-mRNA Apoptosis, Transporter Functions NM_007527.3:735 0.59 9.66E-06
Smad4-mRNA Cancer Progression NM_008540.2:2885 -0.31 1.88E-05
Ccl27a-mRNA Cytokines & Receptors NM_001048179.1:265 -0.77 2.64E-05
Dusp4-mRNA Basic Cell Functions, Innate NM_176933.4:2200 1.29 3.53E-05
Mapk14-mRNA Innate, Senescence, Transporter Functions NM_001168513.1:114 0.25 4.33E-05
Glycam1-mRNA Adhesion NM_008134.2:124 -5.41 4.39E-05
Casp1-mRNA Cytokines & Receptors, Innate, Interleukins, Microglial Functions NM_009807.2:259 1.01 5.58E-05
Tank-mRNA Basic Cell Functions, Innate NM_011529.1:491 0.33 8.05E-05
Ctsl-mRNA Basic Cell Functions NM_009984.3:45 -0.69 8.31E-05
Jak3-mRNA B-Cell Functions, Cytokines & Receptors, Innate, Interleukins, T-Cell Functions NM_010589.5:145 -0.71 8.42E-05
Ikzf1-mRNA B-Cell Functions, NK Cell Functions, T-Cell Functions NM_001025597.1:4420 -1.66 1.22E-04
Psmb7-mRNA Basic Cell Functions NM_011187.1:184 0.22 1.65E-04