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Table 2 Molecular alterations in 31 cases of PLC from TCGA

From: Targetable alterations in invasive pleomorphic lobular carcinoma of the breast

ID ER IHC PR IHC HER2 Gene Alteration Gene Alteration Gene Alteration Gene Alteration Other alterations
TCGA-AR-A2LJ 70–79% 70–75% pos CDH1 E165Q ERBB2 AMP PIK3CA H1047R    
TCGA-A2-A0SY 80–89% 40–49% pos fish CDH1 S18fs ERBB2 AMP PIK3CA E545K    
TCGA-D8-A27G > 75% > 75% 2 ihc fish neg CDH1 E167fs ERBB2 AMP/ I767M PIK3CA H1047R    
TCGA-A8-A0A7 neg neg pos CDH1 E243K ERBB2 AMP PIK3CA E726K    
TCGA-A8-A0A6 pos pos neg CDH1 T522_splice ERBB2 L755S PIK3CA G118D    
TCGA-A8-A0AB ? ? ? CDH1 D400fs ERBB2 L755S PIK3CA     BRCA2 deep del
TCGA-C8-A274 ? ? ? CDH1 P625fs ERBB2 I767M PIK3CA H1047R    
TCGA-AC-A3YI 90–99% 20–29% neg CDH1 E763fs ERBB2 L755S PIK3CA     FGFR1 amp
TCGA-A2-A0T6 90–99% 90–99% neg CDH1 Y827fs ERBB2 L755R (L755W, L755M) & R678Q PIK3CA     
TCGA-BH-A0C1 pos pos neg CDH1 P159fs ERBB2 V777L PIK3CA     
TCGA-C8-A3M7 neg neg neg CDH1 T340fs ERBB2 S305C PIK3CA H1047R    KMT2C Q3151*
TCGA-AO-A128 neg neg neg CDH1 A817V ERBB2 V797A PIK3CA     TP53 R342*, KMT2C Q1787Lfs*18 & E495Dfs*42
TCGA-BH-A18P pos neg pos CDH1 S36fs ERBB2 L755S PIK3CA     MAP3K1 P233Qfs*30
TCGA-A8-A07B pos pos pos fish CDH1 P200fs    PIK3CA H1047R    TP53 Q165Afs*8
TCGA-E2-A1IJ ? ? ? CDH1 V678fs    PIK3CA   PTEN homodel  
TCGA-A2-A0EX pos pos neg CDH1 Q511*    PIK3CA E545K    FGFR1 amp
TCGA-E2-A2P5 pos pos neg fish CDH1 Q383*    PIK3CA N345K, G914R    TP53 F341S KMT2C E648Vfs*8
TCGA-AR-A2LL 70–79% 70–79% neg fish CDH1 G278R    PIK3CA   PTEN C124S  
TCGA-E9-A3X8 20–29% 20–29% < 10% pos (negative in report) CDH1 515_516ins*    PIK3CA     
TCGA-BH-A0E9 pos pos neg CDH1 D756fs    PIK3CA   PTEN X70_splice  
TCGA-EW-A1J5 90–99% 90–99% neg CDH1 F499fs    PIK3CA E545K, E726K    
TCGA-BH-A2L8 70–79% 80–89% neg CDH1 R800fs    PIK3CA G1049R PTEN S287*  
TCGA-BH-A18F pos pos neg CDH1 L581fs    PIK3CA Q546K, H1047R    
TCGA-BH-A209 pos pos ? CDH1 R63*    PIK3CA     ZNF791-FGFR1
TCGA-A2-A3KC 90–99% 90–99% neg fish CDH1 T748fs    PIK3CA H1047R    
TCGA-AN-A03Y pos pos neg CDH1 R63*    PIK3CA H1047R    
TCGA-A8-A09W ? ? ? CDH1 T646_splice    PIK3CA     RB1 Y606*
TCGA-EW-A3E8 ? ? ? CDH1 I722_splice    PIK3CA E545K    
TCGA-AO-A12G 90–99% 30–39% neg fish CDH1 16q22.1 homodel    PIK3CA   PTEN R47fs TP53 K139_P142del
TCGA-E2-A1LG ? ? ? CDH1 16q22.1 homodel    PIK3CA     TP53 I255del KMT2c W1002* FGFR1 amp PIK3R2 amp
TCGA-A2-A25D ? ? ? CDH1 16q22.1 homodel    PIK3CA E110del