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Table 4 Results of backward elimination and significance of FISH telomere values for each cognitive domain

From: Telomere lengths in women treated for breast cancer show associations with chemotherapy, pain symptoms, and cognitive domain measures: a longitudinal study

Domain Remaining fixed effects after backwards elimination in model Remaining random effects1 Coefficient for MMqPCR telomere values (p value) Significantly associated chromosomes using chromosome-specific values (p value < 0.5)
Psychomotor speed Time, stage, progesterone positive, surgery, age, race 1 + time 1.93 (0.40) All
Reaction time Time, time, estrogen positive, HER positive, neoadjuvant, chemo final 1 + time 1.22 (0.40) All
Complex attention Time, estrogen positive, HER positive, chemo final, education 1 0.19 (0.94) None
Cognitive flexibility Time, HER positive, chemo final, age, race 1 1.14 (0.54) All
Executive functioning Time, HER positive, chemo final, age, race 1 1.21 (0.51) All
Memory Surgery, depression 1 + time − 2.45 (0.18) All
Verbal memory Race, BMI 1 1.90 (0.39) All
Visual memory Surgery, education, depression 1 − 1.22 (0.53) All
  1. 1In the third column, “1” represents random intercept and “time” represents random slop