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Table 3 UCD cell line oncogenic alterations as determined by oncomine comprehensive assay v3

From: New generation breast cancer cell lines developed from patient-derived xenografts

Cell line Gene Chromosome Protein Class AF/CN
UCD4 BRCA2 c.1755_1759delGAAAA p.K585fs*3 P 98%
ESR1 c.1613A>G D538G P 100%
FGFR3 Amplification   P 4.63 copies
RAF1 Amplification   LP 4.91 copies
RAD51B c.246C>G p.F82L VUS 47%
FANCD2 Amplification   VUS 4.63 copies
UCD12 BRCA2 c.4943delC p.A1648fs*22 P 100%
PIK3CA c.3140A>T p.H1047L P 52%
FGFR1 Amplification   P 12.47 copies
RAD51C Amplification   LP 4.69 copies
FLT3 c.2890G>T p.E964* VUS 100%
RNF43 Amplification   VUS 4.83 copies
SLX4 c.2854_2855delGCinsAT p.A952M VUS 49%
SPOP Amplification   VUS 4.1 copies
UCD65 NF1 c.2372dupT p.L792fs*2 LP 43%
NOTCH2 c.6403_6404delCT p.L2135fs*2 LP 49%
FGFR1 Amplification   P 13.85 copies
FGF3 Amplification   LP 9.53 copies
FGF19 Amplification   LP 8.24 copies
CCND1 Amplification   P 7.32 copies
GNAS Amplification   LP 5.19 copies
CREBBP c.3985C>T p.L1329L VUS 50%
UCD46 CCND2 Amplification   P 5.01 copies
PIK3CA Amplification   P 4.43 copies
TP53 c.281C>G p.S94* P 100%
CREBBP Amplification   LP 4.22 copies
SLX4 Amplification   VUS 4.22 copies
TSC2 Amplification   VUS 4.29 copies
UCD115 TP53 c.892_911dupGAGCTG
p.K305fs*47 P 77%
MYC Amplification P 6.75 copies
ROS1 Amplification LP 4.36 copies
ERCC2 Amplification LP 4.52 copies
NF1 c.5399_5404del
VUS 49%
PIK3CA c.1663A>G p.R555G VUS 12%
SETD2 c.3224A>T p.N1075I VUS 49%
UCD178 MYC Amplification   P 6.47 copies
MDM2 Amplification   P 5.22 copies
RAF1 amplification   P 4.76 copies
SEC16A-NOTCH1 Fusion   LP  
FGFR4 c.826G>A p.D276N VUS 46%
NF1 c.3976 T>A p.L1326I VUS 100%
  1. P pathogenic, LP likely pathogenic, VUS variant of uncertain significance, AF allele frequency, CN copy number