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Table 1 Baseline patient and disease characteristics

From: Risk of early progression according to circulating ESR1 mutation, CA-15.3 and cfDNA increases under first-line anti-aromatase treatment in metastatic breast cancer

Median age at inclusion (years)66[39–85]
Performance status
BMI (kg/m2)27[18.3–56.5]
HER2 status
Disease presentation at metastatic setting*
 De novo5351.4%
  Adjuvant treatment
  Median delay from end of adjuvant treatment to metastatic diagnostic (months)57.5[37–107]
Metastatic treatment before AI introduction
 Endocrine therapy except AI
AI status at inclusion
 Initiation at inclusion7572.8%
 Already started without progression2827.2%
  Median delay since AI introduction (months)9.9[6.2–63.8]
Median follow-up (months)25.3[3–92]
  1. Data are presented as no. (%) unless indicated otherwise
  2. *Presentation of advanced disease is defined as de novo (advanced at first presentation) or relapsed (relapsed after previous presentation with early-stage cancer)