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Table 1 Molecular functions, cellular components, pathways, and diseases enriched in genes deregulated in fibroblasts following in utero BPA exposure

From: In utero estrogenic endocrine disruption alters the stroma to increase extracellular matrix density and mammary gland stiffness

Molecular Function
 Extracellular matrix structural constituent conferring tensile strength4.02E-08
 Extracellular matrix structural constituent1.63E-07
 Voltage-gated calcium channel activity involved in AV node cell action potential1.54E-05
 Collagen binding3.20E-05
Cellular Component
 Extracellular matrix4.87E-09
 Collagen-containing extracellular matrix5.35E-09
 Extracellular matrix component1.41E-07
 Extracellular matrix and extracellular matrix-associated proteins8.92E-10
 Extracellular matrix organization3.09E-08
 Integrin signaling pathway5.81E-08
 NCAM1 interactions1.21E-07
 Core extracellular matrix including ECM glycoproteins, collagens and proteoglycans2.07E-07
 ECM-receptor interaction2.54E-07
 Genes encoding collagen proteins2.97E-07
 Collagen chain trimerization4.17E-07
 Collagen biosynthesis and modifying enzymes3.11E-06
 Colorectal cancer9.22E-10
 Breast or pancreatic cancer9.99E-10
 Breast or ovarian cancer1.39E-09
 Development of vasculature1.73E-09
 Breast or gynecological cancer6.34E-09