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Table 1 Univariate Cox and logistic regression within tumor subtypes and multivariate Cox and logistic regression in patients with HR+/HER2− breast cancer for comparing tumors with high vs. low HLA class I immunohistochemistry

From: Human leucocyte antigen class I in hormone receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer: association with response and survival after neoadjuvant chemotherapy

Univariate Cox regression—disease-free survival (GeparTrio)
 SubtypeMHCIHR95% CIP
 HR+/HER2−High vs. low1.5901.062–2.3800.024
 HR−/HER2−High vs. low0.6490.315–1.3360.241
 HR+/HER2+High vs. low2.4860.956–6.4670.062
 HR−/HER2+High vs. low1.0150.304–3.3840.981
Multivariate Cox regression—disease-free survival (GeparTrio; HR+/HER2−)
  HR95% CIP
 ResponsepCR vs. RD0.4570.225–0.9250.029
 cT stagecT3–4 vs. cT1–22.2701.522–3.385< 0.001
 cN stagecN+ vs. cN−2.0261.335–3.0750.001
 TherapyResp. guided vs. standard0.9450.638–1.4000.777
 GradeG3 vs. G1–21.7331.024–2.9320.041
 AgeAge ≥ 50 vs. < 501.2520.838–1.8700.272
 HLA class I HCHigh vs. low1.7011.105–2.6180.016
Univariate logistic regression—pCR (GeparTrio)
 SubtypeMHCIHR95% CIP
 HR+/HER2−High vs. low2.2261.154–4.5850.022
 HR−/HER2−High vs. low0.8520.332–2.3160.744
 HR+/HER2+High vs. low2.0220.728–6.5900.202
 HR−/HER2+High vs. low0.8570.220–3.3850.823
Multivariate logistic regression—pCR (GeparTrio; HR+/HER2−)
  HR95% CIP
 cT stagecT3–4 vs. cT1–20.9460.447–1.9030.880
 cN stagecN+ vs. cN-1.1070.579–2.1350.760
 TherapyResp. guided vs. standard0.8420.444–1.5780.593
 GradeG3 vs. G1–22.8041.348–5.6440.005
 AgeAge ≥ 50 vs. < 500.5640.297–1.0550.075
 HLA class I HCHigh vs. low2.1321.057–4.6030.042