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Table 2 Characteristics of the PredicinePLUS™ platform and detected alterations

From: Association of a novel circulating tumor DNA next-generating sequencing platform with circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and CTC clusters in metastatic breast cancer

 Total cases49
 Cases included in final analyses40
Regions analyzed180 genes
Panel size565 kb
Samples with detectable alterations40/43 (93%)
Number of genomic alterations
Number of genes with detected alterations57
Variant allele frequency of detected alterations0.11–68.6%
Commonly detected SNV/indelsTP53, PTEN, PIK3CA, ATM, ESR1
Commonly detected copy number amplificationsMYC, CCND1, PIK3CA
Commonly detected copy number lossesBRCA1, CDKN2A, ATM
  1. SNV single nucleotide variant, Indels insertion-deletion mutations