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Table 1 Patient characteristics

From: Association of a novel circulating tumor DNA next-generating sequencing platform with circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and CTC clusters in metastatic breast cancer

 Number of patients22
 Number of collections40
 Female22 (100%)
 IDC18 (81.8%)
 ILC4 (18.2%)
Histologic subtype
 HR+, HER2−17 (77.3%)
 HR−, HER2+1 (4.5%)
 HR+, HER2+1 (4.5%)
 TNBC3 (13.6%)
Clinical subtype
 IBC6 (27.3%)
 Non-IBC16 (72.7%)
Prior therapies in metastatic setting2* [0–7]
Sites of disease
 Bone18 (81.8%)
 Visceral15 (68.2%)
CTC clusters
 Yes8 (36.4%)
 No14 (63.6%)
 Total blood draws with clusters14 (35.0%)
  1. IDC invasive ductal carcinoma, ILC invasive lobular carcinoma, HR hormone receptor, TNCB triple-negative breast cancer, IBC inflammatory breast cancer
  2. *The median