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Fig. 5

From: Development of clinically relevant in vivo metastasis models using human bone discs and breast cancer patient-derived xenografts

Fig. 5

Effects of intraductal injection of breast cancer PDX on metastasis to human bone implants. Intraductal injection of a sub-set of breast cancer PDX into NOD/SCID mice pre-implanted with human subchondral bone results in metastasis to human/mouse bone. Representative photomicrographs (× 60) of primary tumour sections and human bone sections are shown in (a and b respectively) and uCT images of mouse tibiae are shown in (c). Human bone metastases in mice from which representative H&E images are shown are outlined in orange squares. Metastases in mouse bone from which uCT images are shown are highlighted in green squares, and lesions in mouse tibiae are outlined in yellow

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