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Table 1 Intraductal injection of ethanol delays onset of tumor formation

From: Ductal tree ablation by local delivery of ethanol prevents tumor formation in an aggressive mouse model of breast cancer

 Non-injected vs. non-injected glandsNon-injected vs. injected glands
Animal groupsAnimals (n)Latency (days)Glands (n)p valueLatency (days)Glands (n)p value
Untreated vs. not injected25 vs. 10150 vs. 169250 vs. 1000.4279n/an/an/a
Untreated vs. PBS-injected25 vs. 10150 vs. 161250 vs. 430.9110150 vs. 148250 vs. 570.6570
Untreated vs. 50% EtOH-injecteda25 vs. 6150 vs. 184250 vs. 360.0366150 vs. 198250 vs. 240.0049
Untreated vs. 70% EtOH-injecteda25 vs. 11150 vs. 178250 vs. 580.0151150 vs. 207250 vs. 52< 0.0001
Untreated vs. 70% EtOH-injectedb25 vs. 13150 vs. 176.5250 vs. 350.0059150 vs. 217250 vs. 95< 0.0001
Within PBS-injected10n/an/an/a161 vs. 14843 vs. 570.7274
Within 50% EtOH-injecteda6n/an/an/a184 vs. 19836 vs. 240.2987
Within 70% EtOH-injecteda11n/an/an/a178 vs. 20758 vs. 520.0002
Within 70% EtOH-injectedb13n/an/an/a176.5 vs. 21735 vs. 950.0006
  1. Median latency in days of age is provided for indicated animal treatment group or mammary gland treatment class. p values were calculated by the log-rank test (Mantel-Cox) comparing tumor-free survival between indicated treatment groups or classes (reference vs. test). aEtOH was diluted in sterile PBS with iodine-containing contrast agent. bEtOH was diluted in sterile water