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Fig. 3

From: Ductal tree ablation by local delivery of ethanol prevents tumor formation in an aggressive mouse model of breast cancer

Fig. 3

Effects of different ethanol volumes and concentration on epithelial ablation and collateral tissue damage. a H&E staining of representative non-injected and EtOH-injected whole mammary glands 3 days after the ID procedure. Intact, live epithelial structures are outlined in black. b Box-whisker plot (90/10 percentiles) of the number (in integers) of live epithelial structures or luminal areas (in μm2) of these structures 3 days after the injection based on whole-breast tissue cross-sectional analysis of H&E stain slides; at least four glands were quantitated per group. An epithelial structure is defined as a lobular or ductal structure with more than two adjacent live epithelial cells. Asterisks indicate p value of unpaired Welch’s t test of each EtOH-injected group compared to non-injected control animals (*0.01, **< 0.01, ***< 0.001, ****< 0.0001). c H&E staining of representative tissue field of 50% or 70% EtOH-injected glands at different times after ID injection

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