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Table 1 Characteristics of DISC participants in childhood and as young adults

From: Pubertal timing and breast density in young women: a prospective cohort study

Child characteristics
  White164  90
  Other18  10
 Age at baseline, years1829.130.59 
 BMI z-score at baseline1820.230.90 
 Age at thelarche, years17010.591.09 
 Age at pubarche, years17310.971.19 
 Age at menarche, years18212.901.26 
Adult characteristics
 Age at follow-up, years18227.171.02 
 BMI, kg/m218225.395.36 
 DXA % body fat, %17635.418.82 
 Exogenous hormone use
  Never11  6
  Former66  36
  Current105  58
 Duration of hormone use, years1715.63.5 
 Parous (vs nulliparous)53/182  29
  Graduate degree25  14
  Bachelor’s degree95  52
  Some college or less62  34
 Ever smokers (vs never-smokers)82/182  45
 Breast density measures
  Percent dense breast volume (%)18227.620.5 
  Absolute dense breast volume (cm3)182104.270.6 
  Absolute non-dense breast volume (cm3)182413.3364.3