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Table 5 p values from WRST implemented to compare the BC distance arrays obtained from classification task of Experiments 1A with 1C (column 2), classification task of Experiments 1B with 1C (column 3), and the classification task of Experiments 2A with 2B (column 4)

From: Quantitative nuclear histomorphometric features are predictive of Oncotype DX risk categories in ductal carcinoma in situ: preliminary findings

Feature ranking methods High vs. low versus Low vs. intermediate High vs. inter versus Lowvs. intermediate High + intermediate vs. low versus High vs. intermediate + low
Covariance 0.026 0.0003 0.001
WRST 0.011 0.0005 0.002
MRMR-mid 0.017 1.9e−05 0.0005
MRMR-miq 0.022 5.6e−8 1.2e−05