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Fig. 1

From: Cancer-associated fibroblast-derived Gremlin 1 promotes breast cancer progression

Fig. 1

Stromal expression of GREM1 predicts poor clinical outcome in breast cancer. a Kaplan-Meier survival curve in untreated lymph node-negative breast cancer patients. Based on GREM1 mRNA expression (low, middle, and high), the subjects (N = 867) were divided into three quantiles. The endpoint is distant metastasis-free survival. b GREM1, BMP, and BMP receptor mRNA expression level in 52 breast cancer cell lines. The expression levels were categorized to four groups: background, low, intermediated, and high. c Human GREM1 in situ hybridization shows restricted GREM1 expression in fibroblast-like stromal cells surrounded by malignant breast epithelial cells. d Scatterplot showing positive correlation between the expression of GREM1 and stromal genes/desmoplastic markers FAP, FN1, FBN1, and COL1A1 in the clinical datasets. Pearson’s coefficient tests were performed to assess the statistical significance

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