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Fig. 1

From: Li-Fraumeni syndrome: not a straightforward diagnosis anymore—the interpretation of pathogenic variants of low allele frequency and the differences between germline PVs, mosaicism, and clonal hematopoiesis

Fig. 1

Classic (somatic) mosaicism: The timing of post-zygotic mutation influences the distribution of mutant cells. a Mutations that occur during the first mitosis result in approximately half of the individual being affected. b Mutations that occur before left–right determination can affect both sides of the individual, including one or both gonads. c Mutations that arise after the determination of the two sides of the embryo can be confined to only one side of the individual. Only one gonad is likely to be affected. d Mutations that occur after differentiation of primordial germ cells will be absent from somatic tissues (reprinted with permission of the author [19, 20])

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