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Fig. 3

From: Prexasertib treatment induces homologous recombination deficiency and synergizes with olaparib in triple-negative breast cancer cells

Fig. 3

a MDAMB231 cells were transfected with Dr-GFP and selected using 5 μg/ml puromycin. Stably expressing cells were transfected with ISce-1 and analyzed for GFP+ cells using flow cytometry 48 h after transfection. Twenty-four hours before analysis, cells were treated with DMSO or 250 nM prexasertib. b Histogram representation of GFP+ cells from three independent experiments with standard deviation as error bars. c MDAMB231, d MDAMB453, and e MDAMB468 cells were treated with 250 nM prexasertib and/or 25 μM olaparib for 24 h and analyzed for protein expression using western blot. f Comet assay representative images in MDAMB231 and MDAMB453 cells treated with DMSO or 250 nM prexasertib or 25 μM olaparib or their combination for 24 h. g Analysis of comet tail area in more than 25 cells from three different experiments with their standard deviation as the error bars (***p < 0.001 and ****p < 0.0001)

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