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Fig. 3

From: Disease trajectories and mortality among women diagnosed with breast cancer

Fig. 3

Disease trajectories leading to mortality among breast cancer patients. This figure shows the identified disease trajectories leading to breast cancer and other cancer mortality in our cohort. For each pair of the trajectory, the codes in the circle are the combined ICD-10 codes for the diseases. The color in the circle represents the hazard ratio of this disease among the breast cancer patients, compared to the matched individuals. The squares of a BCM and b OCM are breast cancer mortality and other cancer mortality. The width of the arrows between two circles (or square) corresponds with the number of breast cancer patients who had been first diagnosed with one disease and thereafter another. The color of the arrows indicates the odds ratio of the sequential association between the two diseases (or disease to mortality). In this figure, other solid cancer was associated with 72 times increased risk of other cancer mortality and 63 patients in the cohort had experienced the trajectory from menopausal disorder to other cancer mortality (N95 → C00 → OCM)

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