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Fig. 5

From: Dynamically decreased miR-671-5p expression is associated with oncogenic transformation and radiochemoresistance in breast cancer

Fig. 5

miR-671-5p reverses the FOXM1-induced EMT in the 21T cell lines. a Overexpression of miR-671-5p shifts the 21T cells from EMT to MET phenotype. Cell morphology was observed by microscopy in 21T cells 72 h after miRNA transfection. miR-671-5p-transfected cells showed a more epithelioid appearance compared to the mock-transfected cells, which showed elongated, irregular fibroblastoid shape (top panel). For rescue experiments (bottom panel), the pcDNA3.1/FOXM1 plasmid containing full-length human FOXM1 or pcDNA3.1 empty vector was transiently transfected 72 h after miRNA transfection. Cell morphological photos were recorded by microscopy after 72 h re-expression of pcDNA3.1 or pcDNA3.1/FOXM1 plasmid. FOXM1-transfected cells showed more elongated, irregular fibroblastoid morphology whereas pcDNA3.1-transfected one showed more MET state. EMT markers were analyzed by immunofluorescence staining (b) and Western blot (c) following the transfection of mock, miR-671-5p mimic, inhibitor mock, and miR-671-5p inhibitor in the indicated cells

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