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Fig. 1

From: Dynamically decreased miR-671-5p expression is associated with oncogenic transformation and radiochemoresistance in breast cancer

Fig. 1

Expression of miR-671-5p in clinical samples during BC progression. a Expression of miR-671-5p was gradually downregulated in ADH, DCIS, and IDC compared to normal tissues in FFPE tissues. Seven FFPE tissues from each patient were microdissected into normal, ADH, DCIS, and IDC components before total RNA isolation and qRT-PCR analysis. Values represent the mean ± S.D. for three independent experiments (*p < 0.05 and **p < 0.01). b Expression of miR-671-5p in serum assayed by qRT-PCR. miR-671-5p expression was decreased in the serum of patients with ADH, DCIS, and IDC compared to that with benign breast lesions. c Differential miR-671-5p expression between sADHs and cADHs by qRT-PCR. Significantly decreased expression of miR-671-5p was presented in cADHs but not in sADHs, compared to their matched normal controls

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