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Fig. 5

From: Profiling molecular regulators of recurrence in chemorefractory triple-negative breast cancers

Fig. 5

Compound TP53/MYC status and survival. a Venn diagram displaying overlap of a total of 46 TNBCs with MYC amplification and/or compound mutation of TP53. b MYC RNA expression in TNBCs (1) with MYC amplification vs. no amplification , (2) TP53 compound mutations (TP53 CM) vs. all others (*p < 0.05; n = 75, Student’s two-tailed t test), and (3) TP53 compound mutations vs. all others with all samples with MYC amplification removed. c Kaplan-Meier disease-free and overall survival analysis comparing outcomes of TNBCs with MYC amplification vs. no amplification (n = 75, 18 vs. 57). d Kaplan-Meier survival analysis of disease-free and overall survival comparing TP53 compound mutation (n = 75, 40 vs. 35; DFS: HR = 2.30 (1.26–4.20); p = 0.007; OS: HR = 2.55 (1.31–5.00); p = 0.007)

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