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Fig. 3

From: Claudin-low-like mouse mammary tumors show distinct transcriptomic patterns uncoupled from genomic drivers

Fig. 3

Copy number aberrations in MPA/DMBA-induced mouse mammary tumors. a There was a trend toward a lower number of genes with copy number aberrations in the claudin-low-like cluster. b Copy number aberrations implicated in cancer were found in 14 of 18 MPA/DMBA-induced tumors. Two tumor sets (S422_15_2, S400_15_2, and S400_15_7, and S412_15_2, S176_14_2, S159_14_8, and S159_14_2) showed remarkably similar CNA profiles, but displayed different gene expression subtypes. CNA status of − 2 is a homozygous deletion, CNA status of − 1 is a heterozygous deletion, CNA status of 0 is copy number neutral, CNA status of 1 is a single copy amplification, and CNA status of 2 is a multi-copy amplification

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