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Table 3 Vitamin D receptor expression in relation to breast cancer mortality stratified by surrogate molecular subtypes

From: Vitamin D receptor expression in invasive breast tumors and breast cancer survival

Surrogate molecular subtypeNuclear VDR fractionnPerson-yearsDead from breast cancerBreast cancer mortality/100 000HRaHRa,*HRbHRb,*HRcHRc,*
Luminal A-like0–10%19275414551.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)
11–100%2693132237340.56 (0.19–1.62)0.76 (0.27–2.14)0.44 (0.15–1.31)0.61 (0.21–1.76)0.79 (0.24–2.63)d0.76 (0.32–2.53)d
Luminal B-like0–10%333251133811.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)
11–100%9611251513340.38 (0.18–0.84)0.37 (0.18–0.76)0.42 (0.19–0.93)0.36 (0.17–0.73)0.43 (0.19–0.94)e0.37 (0.18–0.77)e
HER 2 positive0–10%1082336391.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)
11–100%454361227510.78 (0.22–2.79)0.82 (0.25–2.64)0.74 (0.20–2.74)0.73 (0.22–2.47)1.13 (0.31–4.09)d1.00 (0.30–3.33)d
Triple negative0–10%404191023881.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)1.00 (ref)
11–100%11123324401.04 (0.28–3.77)0.85 (0.25–2.86)0.80 (0.21–3.00)0.70 (0.21–2.37)0.87 (0.23–3.19)e0.78 (0.23–2.61)e
  1. aCrude analysis
  2. bAdjusted for age at and season of diagnosis
  3. cHazard ratio adjusted for covariate most affecting the estimate: dlymph node status and eseason of diagnosis
  4. *Multiple imputation performed to include individuals with missing data on molecular subtype