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Fig. 8

From: Abrupt involution induces inflammation, estrogenic signaling, and hyperplasia linking lack of breastfeeding with increased risk of breast cancer

Fig. 8

Human breast tissue from women who breastfed < 6 months harbors gene enrichment for Notch signaling pathway. a GSEA querying hallmark genes (h.all.v6.0.symbols.gmt) (left panel) depicting significant enrichment of Notch signaling pathway genes (HALLMARK_NOTCH_SIGNALING_PATHWAY, right panel). b GSEA querying genes consistently up- or downregulated in sorted mammary epithelial cell compartments (left panel), showing significant enrichment of genes upregulated in mammary luminal progenitor cells (LIM_MAMMARY_LUMINAL_PROGENITOR_UP, right panel) in breast tissue of women who breastfed for < 6 months, when compared to women who breastfed ≥ 6 months. NES normalized enrichment score, FDR false discovery rate

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