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Fig. 3

From: Abrupt involution induces inflammation, estrogenic signaling, and hyperplasia linking lack of breastfeeding with increased risk of breast cancer

Fig. 3

Collagen deposition in mammary glands increases with time following abrupt involution. Representative images of a trichrome- (n = 3, scale bar = 100 μM) and b PicroSirius Red-stained FFPE sections of mammary glands harvested on d28 and d56 postpartum, quantified in the adjacent bar diagrams (n = 3, scale bar = 100 μM). c Representative images of PicroSirius-stained sections imaged and analyzed for type I (yellow) and type III (green) collagen using polarized light microscopy (n = 5 for day28 GI, all other n = 6, scale bar = 100 μM). Ratio of type I to type III collagen in the GI and AI glands are quantified in the bar diagram. Error bars represent standard error of the mean. Linear mixed models were used to calculate significance

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